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 :: About Pride Purple Group

Two Industry leaders. One common goal called excellence.
What happens when two of the most respected names in the promotion and development of real estate in Pune come together? What happens when the world of apartments, row houses and bungalows meets that of commercial plazas, convention centers and hotels? As custodians of some of the most exclusive and aspired for real estate development in Pune, we invite you to a world where growth is synonymous with excellence. Where thoughtful design and quality construction has no parallel. Where transparency and commitment is worshipped. Now as we take our construction initiatives across India and even beyond, we shall continue to redefine the skyline, wherever we go.

And offer you, our esteemed customer, the best there is to buy. Cherish. And flaunt, if we may add.

Because, be it in the evergreen penthouse, the picturesque club, the imposing mall or even the lush landscaped lawns, excellence has to be in the gene.

 Mr. Arvind Jain & Mr. Shravan Agarwal
 Joint MD,
 Pride Purple Group

 :: Purpose
To experience the sheer joy of creation thereby improving the standards of living.

 :: Core values
-We strive to go beyond our commitments.
-We respect & offer merit based opportunity to all Pride Purple people.
-We explore all possibilities to over come challenges.
-All our actions are backed by positive intentions.

 :: Vision
-200 million sq. ft. construction to be completed by 2020.
-Pride Purple should be recognised at Pan India Level and be ranked amongst the top 5 construction companies of India.

 :: Team
1) Rajesh Narang
2) Siddharth Rajgharia
3) Gautam Bharill
4) Rajesh Jain
1) Mohit Ashtekar
2) Sarika Taori
3) C.B.Kulkarni
4) Navin Agarwal